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Sightseeing Tour to Bakota


Striking views of the valleys and steep passages lead us to a picturesque nook of Podillia where the Dniester River turns into a small sea. An ancient settlement called Bakota lies at the bottom of the sea.

Here at the bottom of White Mountain (120 meter high) one can find remains of the cells of the ancient cave monastery, one of the first Christian monastic churches of Kievan Rus. The cells were hollowed in the rock by monks, whose graves are still inside the caves.

Feel the ancient spiritual history of our ancestors in the quietness of St. Michael monastery cells; try Podillia’s purest water from three holy springs near the monastery.

Enjoy the spectacular landscapes of Bakota valley, which is considered to be the second in Ukraine (the Crimean Yalta) by the amount of heat per 1 sq.m.
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