The Dominican Church
The Catholic Dominican Church is dedicated to St. Nicholas
Originally the Dominican Church was made out of wood, but in 1420, after the conflagration, it was left in ruins. Soon after the accident a new stone cathedral was built in the same area.

Magnates of Pototskyi family were the patrons of the church. During the Turkish occupation (1672–1699) the church was turned into a mosque, and gifted to RabiaGul-Nush, the favorite wife of Sultan Haseki. The Muslim white stone pulpit (place to read Koran) was built specifically for this church. The inscription on the entrance of the pulpit reads, "There is no god but only Allah." The pulpit can be found in the church even today.

After the departure of the Turks, for more than 40 years the cathedral remained unused and started to disintegrate. Its restoration was sponsored by the Pototskyi family and was finished in 1754. There is a Pototskyi family Coat of Arms - "Pilawa" on the church facade. In 1759 a two-storey building, the Pototskyi residence was built adjacent to the church.
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