The remains of St. Nicholas Armenian Cathedral
Built in the 15th century.
Even now, the remains of St. Nicholas Cathedral still manage to leave a big impression on the visitors with its beauty and elegance. The church was located in the center of the Armenian district and was founded in 1495. The bell tower with loopholes and four observation towers were added to the church in 1555.

During the Turkish assault of 1672, the church received a considerable amount of damages. Only in 1767, long after the Turks had left, the church was restored back to its original form. It then became a Roman Catholic Church.

The majestic temple was an example of the Byzantine architecture that hoisted an octagonal dome and arcades along its perimeter. In the 1930s the temple received its final blow when the Soviet forces leveled the temple to the ground. Nowadays a small chapel belonging to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church can be found in the bell tower of church.
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