St. George Cathedral
17th century
The St. George cathedral was built during the period 1851–1861. The church has four internal piers, five domes, one semicircular apse and three porches (north, south and west). The facades are decorated with various elements, e.g. gable ends, corbel arches, half-columns with row lock arch on the profiled imposts reflecting Russianarchitectures of the 17th century. In 1863 a stone belfry was added to the architecture. There were housings on the first two floors and six bells were located on its third floor.

In 1935, part of the church was seized from the Orthodox community and handed over to the Dovzhok distillery. A year later, the church was being used for storing grains. Few years after it became a salt warehouse. During the period from 1983 to1990 the St. George cathedral housed a planetarium. In October 1990 the city council decided to hand over the building to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Moscow Patriarchate.

After the church was returned to the congregation, ceiling of the first floor was taken down to enlarge the space, and new iconostases and paintings were added to the interior.
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