The Smotrych River Canyon is a unique nature attraction
Canyon is a deep river valley with vertical rocky banks reaching up to 50 m in height and 200 m in width. The Smotrych River Canyon is about 9 km long. The main feature of the Canyon is not its size, but its bird's-eye view.

When coming from the north-west, the river and the Canyon make a few sharp turns and an almost 180° turn.As a result they make a complete loop around the city that looks similar to the Greek letter "omega" in appearance. In the center of the loop is a large rocky island with an area of about 120 hectares (up until the 19th century the town of Kamianets never exceeded the boundaries of the island).

The Canyon is believed to have been formed over 25 million years ago. The walls of the Canyon are made out of a sedimentary rock - Silurian limestone, and in its layers one can often find the remains of prehistoric life forms. About 350 species of plants can be found growing in the Canyon and few dozens of them are endemics.

The fauna of the Canyon is also quite diverse. 6 species of reptiles, 11 species of amphibians, about 100 species of birds and 25 species of mammals can be found living here. A number of scenic hiking routes pass through the Canyon and some of them are considered as extreme routes. One of the best natural rock-climbing walls in Ukraine is also located on the Canyon hills.

The combination of the Canyon’s natural landscape, its flora and fauna along with the architectural monuments built by the various rulers and noblemen that set their foot in Kamianets and made it their home makes our city a truly unique and attractive venue appealing to a wide range of tourists.
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