Landmark fortification art (12-18th centuries)
The first structures on the territory of Old fortress appeared during the Kievan Rus period that also served as protection for the peninsula. In the first half of 15th century more fortifications and towers were built. By the end of 18th century), it consisted of two big parts – the Old Castle (Est. the 15-16 th centuries) and the New Castle (Est. the 17-18th centuries).

The Old Castle contains 11 towers: Pope's Tower (Julian Tower), also known as Karmeliuk's Tower; Kovpak Tower; Tenchynska Tower; White Tower, also known as Laska Tower; Daily Tower; New Western Tower; Rozhanka Tower; Water Tower; Commandant's Tower; Lianskoronska Tower; Black Tower; and New Eastern Tower. All the towers are connected by fortification walls. There were times, when people were able to walk across all the towers using the fortification walls. Unfortunately nowadays only the northern and southern parts remain undamaged.

The New Western Tower comprises of a 40-meters deep well. It was built on the western side of the Old Castle around 1617-1621. Necessity to build the well was caused by the developments in the artillerytechnology, and the modern artilleries were capable of destroying the medieval walls. These days the Old and the New castles are the objects of The Historical Museum Preserve. They have multiple expositions, i.e.: “History of Kamianets-Podilskyi in 20th century”, “Kamianets defense against the Turks in 1672”. On the territory of the Old castle there are some gift shops, medieval pothouse, and theatrical guided tours.
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