Castle Bridge
Massive Castle Bridge connects the Old town with its fortress
One of the most unique things about Kamianets is that a deep canyon surrounds the medieval city. The height of the canyon cliff is more than 50 meters. Medieval Kamianets was located on the rock peninsula. The only connection between the peninsula and the neighboring territories was a rock ridge located in the western part of the city. It served as a bridge. The bridge is known to have been already there around the 15th century, but nobody knows when it actually first appeared there. It is fair to say that the bridge has experienced renovation at least 12 different stages.

At first, only columns of the bridge abutment were made from rock, other parts were wooden structures. Approximately in the 16 century the wooden structures were replaced by the rock arches. In the 17 century, after the Turkish attack, the bridge was severely damaged. Turks however reconstructed and secured it by walling up the arches. The last changes to the bridge were done in the 19-20th centuries. In 1875 in order to expand the passage, the defensive walls were disassembled and in 1942 the central part of the bridge was fastened and built by German engineers.
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