Russish gate
Landmark of Kamianets-Podilskyi, situated on the banks of the River Smotrych
During the middle Ages besides the castle gates and the bridge, there were two more city entrances: the Russish and the Polish gates. They were infact named after the suburbs to which they previously belonged to: Russian and Polish communities. Both complexes are located near the river in the canyon. They not only protected the entrances from intrusions but also contained locks to block the river flow if required. Thus, the two gatesbecame integral parts of a great hydro technical system, which could also turn the river canyon into a barrier.

The construction of the Russish gate started in 1527. The complex surrounding the Russish gate contained 8 towers, barbican and defensive walls, that connected them. The length of these walls was 230 meters. There were locks at the crossing point of the walls and the river. However when the city no longer had to defend itself anymore, the fortress stopped serving its purpose and in the 19th century it wasalmost destroyed by the floods.
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