Upper Polish gate
The remains of architectural sample of the 16th century are known as Blacksmith’s Tower
Besides the lower gates (Russian and Polish gates), the city also had the upper gates. Similar to the lower gates, the upper gates were also named as the Russian and the Polish gates. They were built during the second half of the16th century. Unfortunately the Upper Russian gate was destroyed during the 18th century and soon the city military took over the empty space that used to house the Upper Russian gate. The Upper Polish gate however almost entirely avoided any major damages. The entrance to the gate was secured by a 9-story tower, which was built in 1585 as a replacement for the older gate. The gate is also known as the Stephan Bathoryi Tower, after the Polish king who actually financed the construction of the gate. The gate is also known by the locals as the Windy gate. Story goes that in August, 1711 the Russian czar Peter I while on his way back from the river Prut campaign against the Turks a stopped by Kamianets-Podilskyi. It is also believed that when he was passing through the gate, a strong gush of wind blew his hat away and as a result he couldn’t help but mention his brief encounter in his speech at the city magistracy during his stopover.
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