Gunpowder Depots
Not far away from the Stephan Bathoryi Tower or upper Polish Gate you can see another fortification
In the 18th century Kamianets became a strong royal fortress along the Southeast border of Poland (Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth). The castle and the city were well equipped with modern constructions, and also housed barracks and warehouses. The northern part of the canyon still contains some of the buildings to date. The gunpowder Depots were built in 1778 and designed by the military engineer Jan de Witte (1709-1785) who was also a talented architect. The purpose behind locating the gunpowder depots in the canyon was to protect them from gunfire. Nowadays these depots look like a one-storied building with a thick layer of earth embankment instead of the roof, which also protected the depot from gunfire.

Soon after Kamianets lost its status asa city-fortress, the Gunpowder Depots were used for storing petrol depots, and later they were converted into a horse barn. In the soviet period these depots were utilized for governmental foodstuff trade. In the last couple of years these buildings have remained unused.
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