The Barracks
The Barracks were built at the end of the 18th century
During the 18th century the city of Kamianets was considered a strong royal fortress situated on the southeast boarder with Poland. During the time the Castle and the city were upgraded with new, modern facilities, and the garrison was enlarged. In order to protect the southern side of the city from enemies, the governor of the fortress Jan De Witte and architect Stanislav Zavadskyi, built a vast defensive complex of Barracks around 1780-1788. After 1812,thefortifications and garrison barracks lost their defensive importance as the city of Kamianets was no longer required to defend itself anymore In 1816 the entire facilities were used as a military hospital. From 1918 to 1941, a bakery plant was located in the complex. After the Second World War, a tobacco plant was soon installed in the complex.
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