Potter’s Tower
This tower is located in the southeastern part of the city on the high cliff of the Smotrych
During the 15-16th centuries a vast defensive complex (towers and city walls) was built along the canyon of the river Smotrych. In the 19th century when Potter’s Tower lost its strategic military importance to the city, the local citizens decided to take matters in their own hands and started to disassemble the wall to fulfill their own construction needs. However most of the other towers remain intact to date.

Potter’s Tower is the biggest tower in the eastern part of the Old Town. It was built with the help of donations provided by the Potter’s craft shop, and it is the reason why it is called the Potter’s Tower. The Tower was built in 1583 and it consisted of 5-storeys. Around the end of the 17th century the top of the tower was covered by a wooden roof and a beautiful viewpoint was built on it. Some researchers believe that Albreht Durar’s ideas were the source of inspiration behind the design of the tower, e.g. The merlons with the sloping front wall. Due to the merlons’ acute angle, the cannon shots that were fired at them would ricochet off of the merlons, making the tower wall more resilient to the artillery fire.
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