Main City Gate (Mykhailivski gate)
One of the most ancient fortifications
The Main City Gate was considered as one the most important components of the Old Town’s defensive system. Not very far from the city gates, the remains of the earthen rampart belonging to the times of Kievan Rus, were found. The Mykhailivski gate defended the entrance to the city from the castle side. The Main City Gate received its current modern look in the 18th century after it was rebuilt by the military engineer Christian Dahlke in 1746. In front of the main gate there is a dungeon that was primarily used for testing gunpowder that was produced by the city’s powder mills. Nowadays the restaurant “PidBramoiu” can be found in the building. The Armenian bastion is located behind the main City Gate. The bastion is a hexagonal artillery position, one of the first fortifications of its kind in the region that was erected in the 16th century.
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