The Holy Trinity church
Built in 1750-1780
The Trinity Order was founded in honor of the Holy Trinity that was spread across France, Italy, Spain, Belorussia, Poland and Ukraine. Trinitarians raised money in their attempts to free the Christians from their captivity. Since 1700, when the city was still part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, the Trinitarians are believed to have made Kamianets-Podilskyi their home. The first wooden church of Trinitarians was built in 1712. The construction period for the stone church lasted from 1714 to 1765. The very talented Trinitarian artist John Prahtel painted the church. Unfortunately his work was unable to survive the ordeals of time. The church was built in the Baroque style. The main fade are decorated with the pilasters of Tuscan order. It contains a pediment and is adorned with statues and vases. The church is also surrounded by a stone wall. Gates are decorated with statues of Jean de Matha and Felix of Valois, the founders of the Trinitarian Order. Stairs that led to the gate were enclosed by a parapet with the statue of the Virgin Mary on the top. Nowadays, St Josaphat’s Greek Catholic Church is located there and provides free admission to everyone.
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