Independence Day

22-24 August

Independence Day of Ukraine - Ukrainian each holiday, each Ukrainian family. Kamenets - a city with a rich history, hardworking and talented people, a city that is proud of its heroes that Ukraine develop the peace and defending it from the enemy now. Therefore, the concept of celebrating the 24th anniversary of independence of Ukraine palette provides activities that glorify Ukraine, its history, demonstrate love and respect kam'yanchan to the state, its symbols, traditions and inspire faith in a happy future for Ukraine.

On the heroic history of Ukraine, Kamenetz-Podolsk role in the development of the Ukrainian state will tell photographic art during the exhibition Dmitry Babyuka "Know where you stand: Kamenets day UNR" unique photos and presentations Kamenetz-Podolsk in 1916.

The evening of August 22 to kam'yanchan and guests will provide a unique opportunity to listen to an audio-visual performance and see the film Dovzhenko "Diplomatic Courier Bag" accompanied by a soundtrack from the band "Zapaska." "Diplomatic Courier Bag" (1927) - the first feature film Dovzhenko, preserved to this day. Facilitate unforgettable atmosphere and it is the venue of electro-acoustic parfomensu outdoor playground complex "Starobulvarnyy" on the street. Franciscan 10. The substantial milestone tell the history of our city historical overview of Kamenetz-Podolsk Military Historical Society, "Kamenetz - the last capital of UNR" (UPR day soldiers, tents, pieces of armament of armored vehicles, communication with the audience on the night in the capital of stone ' yantsi-Podolsk).

On Independence Day kam'yanchany and visitors will witness the birth of a new phenomenon for Ukraine. The fate of modern Ukraine speak ... Féchain-show! During the show Oksana Dolinskoe author's collection "The future needs peace" images of models reproduce the more recent history of the Ukrainian people on the road to a European future. Clothes, makeup, images, music, fashion shows, choreographic support, pyrotechnics, verbal component poyednayutsya to create incredible events. Bid Féchain-show - Oksana Dolinska (beauty salon "Cindy") and make-up studio Valentina Vishnevskaya.

Love and honor to their country, its symbols and traditions kam'yanchany expression during the celebrations for the Day of the National Flag of Ukraine's Independence Day, commemorating Heroes.

In recent years, every family has added to its festive clothes embroidered shirt. Therefore all kam'yanchan invite Parade of Embroidery. Such unity strengthens the sense of belonging to a great Ukrainian people. This year uniqueness and indivisibility of Ukraine will speak at the festival in Kamenetz-Podolsk and huge (32 m) wreath-Wisp. His city schools will form teams of 24 pieces - the number of regions of our country. And then the first wreath unity clothe Town Hall.

The traditional parade this year will join Embroidery youngest generation kam'yanchan - infants and children under 5 years. Children's parade and competition vehicles "Kid-patriot" prove all that Ukrainochka and Ukrainian - a worthy future of our people. Welcome initiative of the Independence Day of Ukraine belongs to the smallest kam'yanchan Mayor M. Simashkevychu. Each participant will receive from his parade keepsake.

And one holiday for young residents in the park is preparing "Hun well" - August 23 will open a new playground. Inspire faith in a happy future for Ukraine arts programs for children. Participants dance revue "Children of Ukraine" whole summer served as messengers from around the world, popularizing dance through our country. At the festival "Horlychka", "orange", "Abra", "Bravo", "Torch" will enchant the audience with his skill. Youth Groups provide program "Zapaska", "VydroviDoly", "Remix", "Mechanical Orange".

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