Literary tourism

The "Literary tourism" continues to delight Ukrainian contemporary literature lovers!

On 9th of January we are waiting for Simona Vilar on our meetings - "Literary date for a cup of coffee". She is one of the famous Ukrainian writer, author of many our favorite historical adventure novels about ancient Russia and medieval England.

The total circulation of her novels have exceeded 1 million copies. Her novels are compared with the best works of British authors. Her Romanized cycle "Svitorada" is also called the Ukrainian "Angelica"!

Looking forward to meeting Simona Vilar! As always, at the restaurant of "Reikartz Kamianets-Podolsky" at 06:30 pm!
Autograph and photo session with Ms. Simona Vilar unchanged.

The cost of a ticket remains - UAH 40.00 (the price includes tea / coffee / juice to choose).
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