The program of the festival "Republic"

The festival "Republic" this year will celebrate its first anniversary. Once again, we will try to bring people from the east and west Ukraine. In 2015, the year at the festival will create, read, and act as artists from different parts of Ukraine. In particular, the musical part of the festival will become an example of how culture can unite people. The festival "Republic 2015" will operate multiple scenes.

Main stage:

- Бумбокс




- O'Torvald

- Кожаный Олень

- Вагоновожатые


-TKN (ex ТонкаяКраснаяНить)

- Stoned Jesus

- Jinjer

- Bahroma

- Fontaliza


- Morphine Suffering

- Mеgamass


- Epolets

- Мольфа

- Sinoptik

►Art-DVIR ( fortress wall):

- Один в каное

- DaKooka

- Zapaska

- Sasha Boole

- Колос (Фіолет)

+several groups

►Night Scene (Tunnel):

- Somali yacht club

- Ratbite

-5 Vymir

- Farinhate

+ 10 more groups

► Town Hall:

-Symphonic orchestra Philharmonic Khmelnitsky

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